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With love, lenny.

Welcome to the new phase of With Love, Lenny - as we shift over to focusing primarily on our vintage hand embroidered denim. If you were with us back when we launched, then you know that Lenny started out creating hand dyed pieces. And vintage capsules which we loved producing. With sustainability always on the forefront, we’ve decided to put all our attention into creating unique custom vintage denim.

The LENNY rebrand comes from some positive changes within the lives of our team as well as goals for our community. LENNY is headed in a direction that clearly embraces everything we want to be and want to promote within our circles - with an emphasis on both sustainability and self expression. 

When putting together the designs for our core collection we wanted a combination of fun, yet versatile pieces that create a statement but are a perfect addition to your everyday wardrobe. No matter how simple the design, it was important to us to find the right format and the ideal stitch for each pattern. Even with a clear vision, we won’t lie to you, the re-launch and re-brand of Lenny was no easy endeavor. We want to do right by our past and future customers and we are so excited to have you join us as LENNY 2.0 comes to life! 

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