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Sustainable World

At the core of Lenny's values is sustainability. Instead of producing our line using virgin (“new”) fibers and materials, all Lenny items are repurposed and hand-customized from carefully sourced vintage pieces. By using existing stock, we are able to decrease harmful waste at the source and re-route product that may have otherwise ended up in landfill. We call this circular fashion.

Maybe you are familiar with Lenny, or maybe you’re just getting to know our business and our team. In short, denim is our thing. Any engagement with recycled clothing is positive in our eyes, but when breaking down the impact of the production of individual items, newly manufactured denim takes the cake when it comes to the negative effects wreaked on our ecosystem.

For example, just ONE pair of jeans “could require up to 8 gallons of water … which is equivalent to three days of water usage for an average US household” (statistic from As our company expands, we hope to continue providing our customers with more exclusive pieces and perhaps start to branch out beyond the focus of denim, but for now let us do the work for you finding comfortable, flattering AND sustainable denim. But of course with that Lenny touch! 

We want people to know and recognize that vintage fashion is cool in more than one way - not just because vintage Levi’s are dope (trust us, we know), but primarily because you are decreasing the polluted landfills and are playing a small part in protecting our precious environment. 

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