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Feeding Hungry with the Hollywood Food Coalition

At LENNY, we believe that our difficulties can also be opportunities. It’s exactly why we started our company: when a pandemic forced us to stay home, we used the down time to start a clothing brand that makes our customers look good and makes our world into a better place. However, we also recognize we were fortunate to be in a position to start a company this year and that 2020 has been far less kind to others.  

Both homelessness and food security have become major issues that all of us need to address, especially if we want to solve them. Already this year the LA homeless population has increased by 14% and nearly 265,000 Californians have applied for government food assistance under the CalFresh program — more than double the number who applied during the same period last year. That’s why this month’s capsule cause is the Hollywood Food Coalition. Any purchase of a Capsule II item will help the HFC provide one free, hot meal every night to ANYONE who walks through their doors. That’s fresh food 7 days per week, 30 days per month, 365 days per year. Since 83% of homeless people eat one meal OR LESS per day, HFC often provides their only meal of the day. HFC also links the homeless up with free public and mental health services, not to mention keeping recently housed people food secure so they can contribute more of their money towards rent. That means your LENNY purchase isn’t just helping people get by, it also helps them stay off the street permanently!

To date, Hollywood Food Coalition has served over 1,500,000 meals since 1987. However, COVID-19 has upended the US Food Supply Chain and almost entirely stopped donations of free food. While the Food Coalition volunteers are adapting to meet these challenges, we at LENNY want to help make this transition a little easier. So, we hope you find something you like from Capsule II, because wearing LENNY isn’t just standing out, it’s standing up for food security. 

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