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Caring with CARACEN

Hey Hey Lenny gang! Welcome to capsule three! 

If you are new to the brand, so excited you are checking us out. Here at LENNY, we are about using fashion to express our best, authentic selves. That also means remembering the people and community who have made us who we are along the way. Since we’re based in LA, the city and the people who make it up are our community.

This month, we’re highlighting the almost one million Central American immigrants who live in the greater LA area. Central Americans are a crucial part of the LA economy and endow the city with a rich cultural heritage. Helping immigrants live more permanently and securely in the US is an important philanthropic mission for LENNY and will continue to be in the future. For this reason, the Central American Resource Center (CARECEN) is this month’s capsule cause.

In Spanish caracen means “they lack,” or “have-nots,” and the organization puts the have-nots first. In addition to providing high quality legal services for immigrants, CARACEN also connects immigrants to government programs, English classes, and jobs via their Day Labor Center.

Right now, CARACEN’s legal service division is especially busy handling an overflow of immigration cases, providing COVID-19 relief for immigrants, and filing litigation to protect their Day Labor Center from closure. As we’ve already said, Central American Immigrants help make LA multicultural city it is. We are proud to be in position to help a non-profit that supports those immigrants. It also mean that when you express yourself through LENNY this month, you’re helping LA express its best self too.  


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